This episode outlines exactly how you can go about starting a high-ticket dropshipping business in 2020. If you do this right, it will work and be profitable for you, and you'll be able to become location independent and live the lifestyle of your dreams... but... if you take shortcuts and don't do every step the right way, then you probably won't succeed... this is a real business, not a get-rich-quick scheme... it takes time and effort and upfront investment just like any normal business does, but thanks to dropshipping the upfront investment is much lower than a typical brick and mortar retail business... find out exactly how you can become a business owner with your own profitable dropshipping eCommerce store in this episode, then click below to get my free profitable niches list and enroll in my step-by-step dropshipping course, the high-ticket drop shipping masterclass.

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Building a six-figure e-commerce business isn’t easy, but I’ve done it many times now, in different ways, so I wanted to share the lessons I learned along the way.

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There's a lot that goes into creating profitable high-ticket drop shipping stores, especially ones that do almost $20,000 in sales their first month. I go into a lot of these strategies in today's episode as well as some updates and resources. 

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9 Secrets To Building A Profitable High-Ticket Dropshipping Business: 

  1. mindset 

    1. be the leader in your business
    2. be your supplier and customer’s best friend
    3. do work when you’re in your peak state and take a break when you’re tired
    4. know yourself and take care of yourself
    5. business and entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a race
    6. create clear goals and make plans to achieve them, break those plans down into micro-steps, and take action every day to accomplish your micro-steps to success
  2. niche selection
    1. price point
    2. competitors
    3. suppliers
    4. keyword search volume
    5. trends
  3. supplier sourcing
    1. map pricing
    2. best selling products
  4. conversion optimization
    1. trust
    2. social proof
    3. urgency and scarcity
    4. risk reversal
    5. contact points
    6. sales copy
    7. content to push people through the funnel
    8. email marketing automations and follow up
  5. targeted ads
    1. bottom of funnel cold traffic
    2. more cold ads for best sellers
    3. retargeting ads
  6. sales and customer service
    1. answering the phone and closing sales
    2. taking care of customers
    3. asking for reviews
  7. up-selling
    1. calling and emailing to sell more products that current customers want
    2. automated up-selling on product page, cart page, and thank you page as well as in your follow up email sequences
  8. financial literacy
    1. daily bookkeeping
    2. monthly reporting
    3. quarterly reporting and forecasting
    4. yearly reporting and forecasting
    5. saving for taxes
    6. re-investing within your budget
  9. video marketing
    1. create slideshow videos for your best selling product sales pages
    2. create slideshow videos for your buying guide blog posts
    3. create review videos of the products you sell by buying them or going to your suppliers warehouse showroom and filming yourself unboxing and assembling or installing it and then using it
    4. create viral content by interviewing people at industry events

Do You Want To Start A High Ticket Dropshipping Store and Scale It To A Full-Time Income? Listen to my latest interview with my successful case study student Robert as he talks about how he got started, what the tipping points were, what the key points of growth are which drive his business forward, and what you need to know before you get started with high-ticket drop shipping.

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In 2013, Coran started out as an investor buying and selling online businesses. After exiting an ecommerce business he built from scratch, he launched an FBA business, which he planned to build up to sell. Then in mid-2015, Coran got started as a broker and since then he's spoken to 100s of buyers and sellers and has been involved in numerous transactions as a broker and consulting on deals. After noticing a trend towards more Amazon FBA businesses being ready to sell and more buyers looking for FBA businesses to buy, Coran launched The FBA Broker in mid-2016. In 2017, helped Amazon FBA owners sell 174 FBA businesses worth $329 million dollars.

If you own an Amazon FBA business and want to get a valuation for it, consider first listening to this entire podcast to get the best tips on how to prepare your business for sale, as well as reading this blog post:, then you can get a valuation at their website here: For more information, visit

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If you're wondering how to go about scaling your online business efficiently to avoid getting burnt out, then you're in for a treat. In this episode, I interviewed veteran online business owner Nathan Hirsch of Freeeup about scaling, team building, and outsourcing efficiently in a way you can keep working on your business instead of constantly getting stuck working in your business.

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Scaling your eCommerce business can be difficult and tiresome. Connor Gillivan​ of Freeeup has tons of experience with outsourcing and team building... His best advice? "Hire freelancers who have the skills that you don't have to scale your business and hire customer service reps who are pre-vetted for the best quality even before you submit your job posting."

Tune in to this interview to learn more about what you can do to scale your eCommerce business and not get burnt out.

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I sat down with Celinne Da Costa for a conversation about her incredible story of travel and how she helps business owners build a brand and tell stories that grow their influence and their bottom line. 

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Welcome to the eCommerce Paradise podcast. I have a special guest on the show today. He's been doing high ticket drop shipping for quite some time now. He's very successful with it and I wanted to bring him on the show in order to talk about his success story and give you guys the best tips he has for growing your e-commerce business.

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